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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. WidgetsBox

    5 Widgets to showcase your content*

    WidgetsBox our new content extension lets your Joomla! articles shine in new brilliance. In addition to the Grid Layout, our WidgetsBox also includes the Slideshow, Slider, List as well as an Accordion Layout to showcase your articles **and more will follow*.

    Your Articles, your Content

    Our WidgetsBox helps you to display content dynamically on your website. By using filter rules you don't have to worry about anything. Just create new articles, the WidgetsBox will display them automatically according to your filter settings.

    Work with familiar tools

    No custom editors, no complicated new features. It's all about producing amazing content quickly. Our WidgetsBox does not reinvent the wheel. Work with the best content constructor kit for Joomla! - the Joomla! articles.

    15 Animation Types

    WidgetsBox offers you up to 15 Animation Types for your widgets. Fade, scale-up, scale-down and slide (left,top,right,bottom for small,medium and large distances) aswell as the amazing Ken Burns effect for our Slideshow Widget.


    Style as you like, use & extend WidgetsBox with your own classes for media, content, title, header, widget-items or the complete widget container. Predefined fields give you the possibility to enter your classes easily.

  2. ChatSupport

    ChatSupport is a powerful live chat software solution that can be easily added to your Joomla website within minutes. ChatSupport enables you to engage your website visitors through an easy-to-use dedicated dashboard. Offer real-time support and increase sales by answering questions and resolving problems instantly. Customers want to talk to you - make it easy with ChatSupport.

    ChatSupport benefits

    Manage multiple chats in real-time through one simple dashboard
    Re-engage returning visitors and leads using the live visitor queue.
    Capture lead information with a pre-chat survey form.
    Engage visitors and get the conversation started through proactive chat.
    Analyze your web traffic and gain valuable insights
    Send targeted outbound messages through chat, announcement, and email campaigns.

    How it works with Joomla

    The ChatSupport extension allows you to add a chat widget to your Joomla-powered website within minutes.


    Q. What is ChatSupport?
    ChatSupport is a simplified live chat solution that enables you to provide excellent customer service, convert leads, drive sales, and build lasting relationships with visitors and customers.
    You can find out more about ChatSupport here and login to your chat dashboard here.

    Q. How do I start using ChatSupport?
    If you are an existing ChatSupport customer, you can proceed to install and activate the extension to add the widget to your site. New customers can create a free account here.

    Q. How much does ChatSupport cost?
    Our free plan contains all the essentials you need. You can also try our pro-plan free for 30 days to see which plan meets your needs.

    Q. Are my widgets customizable?
    You can customize your widget's color scheme, icon, and position to give your web visitors an on-brand experience.

    Q. Can I proactively engage visitors on my site?
    You can proactively, trigger the widget to pop up for new visitors on your site with custom messaging. This enables you to engage your web traffic and create more conversations.

    Q. Can I start conversations with visitors?
    Yes. Using the live visitor queue you can see who is on your website in real-time and proactively start a conversation.

    Q. How many chats can I be assigned simultaneously?
    Depending on a team member's skill level, you can handle up to three chats at the same time.

    Q. Can I view information on my visitors, leads, and customers?
    Absolutely. All visitor, lead, and customer information are recorded and accessible in the chat dashboard. This data can be used to gain insights to improve your website and support.

    Q. Can I send targeted messages to my customers through ChatSupport?
    Yes. You can run a campaign using your web visitor data to send targeted outbound chat, announcement, and email campaigns.

  3. Jx Facebook Live Chat Messenger

    Jx Facebook Live Chat Messenger - a Joomla System Plugin that helps you to live chat with customers/users with most popular social media network Facebook Messenger directly from your website. This plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website and helps your users or customers to inquiry about any query. It has color customization options at the back end to choose your own color schemes.

    Joomla Support: J3x, J4 Alpha, J4 Beta


    ✔ It can be displayed at all pages of your site.
    ✔ You can choose selective pages/menus to display as well.
    ✔ You have custom positioning options.
    ✔ Messenger color/style can be customized.
    ✔ Configuration is too easy. It's a System plugin, you just need to install and enable
    ✔ Language Selection is also available in the back end.
    ✔ Options to add Facebook Page ID.
    ✔ Options for Setting custom Message by default for the users.
    ✔ Fully responsive enough to fit at any device screen.

    One-time Payment for life-time usage **
    **30-Days Money back guarantee

  4. Jx Documents Viewer

    Jx Documents Viewer - is an amazing short-code based Joomla Plugin that helps you to display/embed your documents at your Joomla site. The following plugin supports several file types - PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and Docx. Even you can display multiple files in a single article. The installation and configurations are too easy, even you might not need any documentation. The plugin supports both Joomla natives articles and K2 items. Since this is a short-code based Joomla Plugin, You have to place the short-code anywhere in Joomla articles and K2 Items, and inside the short-code you have set your file path.

    Supports - Joomla 3x - J4 Beta


    ✔ This is a short-code based Joomla Plugin.
    ✔ he Plugin supports both Joomla default articles and** K2 Items**.
    PDF, PPT, xls, and Docx files can be embedder.
    ✔ In a single page multiple files can be displayed
    ✔ Download options and styles are available
    ✔ In the back end, custom styles of the layout options are available.

    Shortcode Example


    10 Days money-back guarantee

  5. Secured PDF Viewer

    Secured PDF Viewer

    This is an amazing content Plugin works with a shortcode. you can place as many PDFs as you can to your Joomla Articles and K2 Items. It supports both Joomla native articles and K2 component items. Just install the plugin and enable it, then put the PDF URL with the shortcode to Joomla articles or k2 items whatever you choose(Shortcode example is given at plugin backend and FAQ section of this page). It's better if you put the shortcode in the toggle mode of the editor. Please check out the demo link given below.

    Supported Components: It supports Joomla Default Articles and **Com K2 Items **

    J3x, 4 Alpha & J4-Beta Supported


    ✔ Secured PDF Viewer is a shortcode based plugin.
    ✔ Supports Joomla Articles and K2 Items.
    ✔ Secured Options: The plugin makes the PDF fully secured. No option to download the file.
    ✔ PDF reading customization: It has several options to read the pdf and navigate pages.
    ✔ Customized styles: Back end options are available to customize the styles and looks.
    ✔ Fully responsive layouts enough to fit in any device screen.
    ✔ PDF layout customization: PDF layout - width, height can be defined.
    ✔ The Plugin has options to customize PDF file direct display any page number

    10 Days money-back guarantee